Church Activities


Vacation Bible School

The time for our Vacation Bible School is rapidly approaching.  It will run June 16 - 19, Sunday through Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. each evening.  The theme will center on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. This needs to be a whole church effort.  Check the church directory; if your name is in there, then you need to be a part of this effort.   We need teachers and assistants, craft people, set designers, actors, key grips, special computer effect and laser show technicians and just about everything else (including some to play Jesus each night).  Bailey Frint is producing and directing this awesome event.  Please see Bailey to see how you can help (at least don’t run away when she comes to talk to you).


Camp Idlewild Work Days

There will be a special work day at Idlewild Christian Camp on Saturday, June 22 and Saturday, June 29 beginning at 9:00 a.m. each day.  Therese are the last two Saturdays before the first week of camp begins on June 1.  There are all kinds of jobs that need to get done before camp can be ready to open.  These include all kinds of “no-experience-necessary” type jobs like cleaning and transporting mattresses, raking leaves, cleaning out cabins and the hits just keep on coming.  Why not set aside one or both of these Saturdays to invest in this summer activity for our kids.  See Bob Bean for more detailed information.


Idlewild Christian Camp

Denbigh will once again play a key role this summer in Camp Idlewild.  Sean Goodeyon will again direct the middle school week with Roger Brown as his right-hand man (Roger is actually left-handed, so that will be awkward).  See Sean or Roger to volunteer.  There are four weeks of camp that covers kids from kindergarten to high school graduates (as long as they aren’t 19 yet).  The camping weeks break down like this—

  • Little Week (K-3rd):  July 4th-6th

  • Elementary (3rd-6th):  July 7th-13th

  • Middle School (6th-9th):  July 14th-20th

  • High School (9th-12th):  July 21st-27th

Registration is now open! Go to the Camp Idlewild website ( to register or find out more about the camp.