Church Activities


Denbigh Sweetheart Dinner

Our annual Denbigh Sweetheart dinner will be held on Friday night, February 22 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. here at the building.  We have planned a fun night for you and your Valentine here at the building—a catered meal, entertainment, great fellowship… and even free babysitting here at the building to make the logistics easier.  The cost for all of this fun is only $10 per person.  Please sign the sign-up sheet on bulletin board off the foyer to let us know that you are coming, or you can email the church office at  This and similar events are planned each month by our “Family Committee,” and we’re always looking for people with creative ideas.  If you are interested in lending your talents to this group, contact Kati Rutherford at

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Denbigh Small Groups

We have just launched the re-boot of our Denbigh small groups.  We took a break in 2018 as we focused on being together at the church building on Sunday evenings for “The Story.”  But we have returned to our roots in small group meetings, with a twist.  We have tried to spread our groups out geographically to better focus on our community.  Everyone should have a home group they can attend that is in their general area.  Also, none of the groups will meet at the building, again as an effort to focus more on communities.  Many of the groups are meeting during the week rather on Sunday, and all of the groups are asked to focus on service projects like having a devotional in the homes of shut-ins, participating in the monthly singing at the nursing home, having a meal for our newcomers, providing babysitting for a mothers-day-out, and all kinds of great things to which God may lead us.  If you missed “Sign-Up Sunday,” no problem; just call (877-4322) or email ( the church office and we’ll hook you up.


Ongoing Ministry Opportunities

Sometimes when you hear the same announcements over and over, you become numb to them.  But we have several ongoing ministry opportunities that require volunteer manpower each month.  Please consider becoming part of these efforts— 

  • Five Loaves Food Pantry.  This is an effort to meet the needs of the homeless and working poor right here in the neighborhood near our building.  Five Loaves provides food (both meals and food stuffs) to people on an ongoing basis.  Food is donated from various sources and then packaged to hand out on Tuesday evenings.  We have taken on the task of providing manpower to do just that on the first Tuesday night of each month.  Come join us at the Hampton Roads Church on Oriana (formerly Olivet Christian) between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m.

  • Envoy Singing.  A group goes to the Envoy Convalescent Home on the second Sunday afternoon of each month.  After a quick brown bag lunch after church, the group leaves here in the church van to go sing and have a devotional with the residents in the nursing home.  During Christmas, we get together simple gifts and distribute those as well.  The group generally is back to the building by 3:00 p.m.

    These are both great ways to get involved in your community.Why not devote a slide of time to one or both the next time they come up?