You Are God Alone

In our scripture reading for today, David proclaims that praise awaits God in Zion—“Praise awaits you, O God, in Zion; to you our vows will be fulfilled” (Psa 65:1). It is as if all the worshippers have gathered at the Temple and they are waiting God to get there. (This obviously isn’t Denbigh where no one shows up early!). As David gives promise of the worship to come, he also proclaims who God is to be worshiped:

  • God is a God of GRACE (Psalm 65:2-4). God hears our prayers and forgives us when we cry out to him, even when we are overwhelmed by our transgressions. Not only does God forgive us; he also calls us near and allows us to live in His very presence.
  • God is a God of GREATNESS (Psalm 65:5-8). God’s power and might called the mountains into existence and commanded the seas to be still. Even those who live far away see those wonders which fill our world from dawn until dusk. It is not that God once did powerful things; God continues to do awesome things, sometimes things that we do not expect (Isa 64:3).
  • God is a God of GIFTS (Psalm 65:9-13). God takes care of his people by providing our watering our fields with rain, filling our carts with crops, and filling our fields with flocks. God gives good gifts to his people and cares for our needs, so how can we fail to worship (65:13)?

The point of worship is not for us to tell God that He is gracious, great and giving. God already knows that, and he doesn't need us stroking His ego. The point of worship is to remind the worshipper that God is God, and they He Is God alone. It is so easy for us to go do focused on ourselves that we forget who is God alone.

  • We focus on how we have been offended by the mistakes others and forget how horribly we have offended God and how He has forgiven us time after time.
  • We focus so much on ourselves and what we have done that we forget it that God not only created everything (including us) but He also gives us the ability to provide for ourselves and for the needs of others.
  • We focus so much on what we want and do not have yet that we forget to acknowledge all that God has given us and continues to give us.

Worship forces us to take our eyes off of ourselves and focus back on God—His grace, His greatness and His gifts. Worship does not tell God how great he is; it reminds us that God is God… and that He is God alone.