What I Have I Give You

Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” (Acts 3:6, Tuesday's Daily Bible Reading)  

What would have happened if Peter and John would have been on their way to the bank rather than to the Temple when they met the lame man? If they had silver and gold in their pockets, would they have just given the man a denarius and gone on? Probably not! Peter and John were called to shared what they had— and that was Christ. No, they didn't go out that day to specifically look for a chance to preach. But they were willing to share what they had. They began with the physical (health) and then they shared the story of Christ.

Are we willing to share what we have so that the story can be told?  God has blessed us with so much— both His physical blessing and saving grace.  Some were blessed to grow up in Christian families, being taught from the cradle about God.  Others came to know about Him because someone was ready and willing to share what they had been given of God's mercy.  We know the word of life because God placed someone in our lives who knew Him and who were willing to share what they had. Are we? 

Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy told of an aunt who didn't seem to have the time to answer his questions about Auntie, why did they torture Him?" she said, "Because they were wicked." Tolstoy inquired further, "But wasn't He God?" and he asked her to explain more about the crucifixion    But instead of explaining the story,  she said, "Be quiet; I'm going to the dining room to have tea." This left young Tolstoy greatly frustrated. Calvin Miller would comment on this scene—

Tolstoy found it incomprehensible that Christ had been brutalized and his aunt was not interested enough to stay a little past teatime and talk about it. 

We say that the story of the cross is at the center of our faith.  Do we act that way?  Are we willing to share with others what have?