What a Great Day!

There’s an old joke about the little boy drawing a picture in Sunday School. The teacher asked him what he was drawing; he said, “I’m drawing a picture of God.” The teacher smiled and said, “But no one knows what God looks like.” The little boy answered, “Well, they will when I’m done!”

I felt like a little bit that yesterday before our first “Baby Dedication Service.” Someone could well have asked me, “What exactly does a baby dedication service at Denbigh look like?” I would have answered, “I don’t know; I’ll you when we are done!” We have never done a baby dedication service before (though I've done a private service when requested by parents).  We've talked about it, but it never went any further than that. Well, Jenn Glaspell really, really wanted to dedicate Willa to God before the church, and she started talking to some of the other young parents and soon the ball started rolling. Thanks Jennifer!

And I think it was, one of the best services that we've ever had! Nine young sets of parents stood before the church and promised to raise their child in the training and instruction of the Lord, the love of God and the fellowship of His family. The church stood with them and promised to stand with them as one of our shepherds prayed over us.  Of course, the hard part now is translating the church service into real life. But then, that’s the hard part after every Sunday service, isn’t it?

And if yesterday wasn't special enough already, Andrew King came forward confessing his faith in Jesus and was immersed into Jesus Christ.  Yesterday was Andrew’s physical birthday; he was born in 2003, a week before Hurricane Isabel slammed into Virginia and took out power in our area for well over a week (Will and Michele ran off with him to Roanoke... wimps). And September 9 is also Andrew re-birthday. It was great that his parents and grandparents were all here to share in Andrew's big day.  So nine babies were dedicated to God by their parents and Andrew dedicated himself to God... 10 is a good Biblical number!

Yesterday was also the kickoff of our 2012-2013 Body Life Small Group season. If each of our groups was only half as enjoyable as our group over at at Bes and Sam Hoxha's last night, then we’ll have a great season! Our rather diverse group (including a college student, a college professor and two of the babies dedicated yesterday) had a great discussion and really seemed to enjoy each other.  OK, the fact that Sam cooked us a great meal for us didn't hurt either!

Yesterday was a great day!  We give glory to the One who made it!