Three Dog Night

I'm not talking about the classic 70's rock band.  No, I LIKED them.  "Joy to the World" ("Jeremiah was a bullfrog...) was a classic! No my rant for this morning is about MY three dog night last night.  This morning I was woke up by a dog whimpering or snuffling or whatever.  We have had a little pomma-terrier-whatever mutt named Maggie at our house since 2000 when we finally got a dog for Angelynn.  But Maggie was Angelynn's dog for two weeks; then she became Lynn's dog.  Neither Angelynn nor Lynn had a vote; Maggie chose Lynn.

We didn't know Angelynn harbored this grudge until she came home for summer break this summer with a German Shepherd puppy named Marley.  Her dog.  Marley is almost a year old now, and for the last month (and the next one) Marley has been living with his grandparents (that be us!).  The beast is almost big enough where I could buy him a saddle and ride him to work.  He is a constant bundle of energy who wants to play all the time and will chew anything he can get (I'm on my third pair of shoe strings and I have no slippers... and he literally ate Lynn's homework last week).  OK, I have to admit that he's kinda cute part of the time.  The rest of the time he's lucky I don't keep a loaded gun around.  Of course if I did, he'd probably eat it.

Angelynn came home for Christmas break Saturday, and this time she brought a six-week old Maltese puppy named Bella... for Tressa.  Now Tressa has always said she hates dogs.  All of a sudden she lost her mind or something and had to have this dog.  And guess where little Bella is staying for the next several days?  With us.  This is the dog that woke me up whimpering this morning, and ended up in bed with me!  So a three dog night.

I would say that I love all my grand-dogs and wish they could stay with us forever, but then that would be another Three Dog Night hit-- "Liar."