The Ultimate Sacrifice

Gayle Williams was in Afghanistan working with a interdenominational Christian aid group called SERVE (Serving Emergency Relief and Vocational Enterprise), a charity that works with handicapped Afghans.  The 34 year old British citizen was shot and killed this morning while walking to work, targeted for assassination by the Taliban.  Her crime was sharing her Christian faith with others.  

SERVE officials have denied that Williams or any of their people are actively proselytizing to the Christian faith, which is against the law in Afghanistan.  But perhaps a faith real that it drives one half-way around the world to help others in desperate need is enough to seen by the Taliban as evangelistic?  Can one give a cup of cold water be given in Jesus name without it being done in Jesus’ name?  Praise God for people like Gayle Williams; may God bless her family and friends.

What I couldn’t help but wonder is this—if the Taliban started shooting people in American for evangelizing, how many of us would be in danger?