The Resurrection Changes Everything

Following the crucifixion of Jesus, the disciples were huddled together behind locked doors (John 20:19). They had fled in fear when Jesus was arrested; now in fear, they hid after His death. It wasn't that Jesus had not prepared them for the cross, but they did not understand Him... or didn't believe Him. Even when the women ran to tell the apostles that the tomb was empty and an angel told them that Jesus was alive, they dismissed the idea as utter nonsense (Luke 24:11). And so the disciples cowered in their locked room, waiting for something to happen.

Well, something happened. It wasn't long before the same apostles are standing without fear before the Sanhedrin council, looking the Jewish high court in the eye and saying, "You can kill us if you want, but we cannot stop telling the world about Jesus!" The Sanhedrin was astonished by the courage and the power of these ordinary and unlearned men, until they took note that these men had been with Jesus (Acts 4:13).

Well, it wasn’t simply they had been with Jesus. They had been with Jesus when he was arrested, and they scattered. Peter had been with Jesus the very day that he denied that he even knew Him. But what changed as they stood boldly before the Jewish high council was that had been with the resurrected Jesus. The resurrection changed everything. Something happens when you come to know one who has conquered the grave. The resurrection of Jesus Christ changed the apostles to the very fiber of their being. From that point, the resurrection, as well as the cross, becomes the very centerpiece of their preaching (Acts 2:22-23). For Peter, James and John and the rest, the resurrection simply changed everything. Max Lucado puts it like this--

Something happens to a man when he stands within inches of the Judean Lion. Something happens when he hears the roar, when he touches the golden main. Something happens when he gets so close that he can feel the Lion's breath. Perhaps we could all use a return visit. Maybe we all need to witness the majesty and sign at His victory.

The resurrection changes everything. Without the resurrection, there is no Christianity and there is no hope (1 Cor. 15:19). With the resurrection, we experience the power of God in our lives that makes everything new. The same power that raised Jesus raises us (Romans 6:3-4). Like the apostles, once we truly experience the resurrected Lord, then nothing is the same. Once the resurrection for us becomes a personal event, once we raise with Christ, then everything becomes new.