Tennessee vs Texas

In Bible class last Sunday, I mentioned in passing the Tennessee and Texas traditions as they related to re-baptism of people coming into our churches from other tribes.  Back in the day, the opnion leaders in our movement were major religious periodicals and those who edited them.  Two contrasting and opposing views of the church where championed by The Gospel Advocate in Tennessee and the Firm Foundation in Texas.  The views represented in these two papers really did represent two very different views of the church.

Just in case you'd like a little more background, take a look at this article by John Mark Hicks.  He points out some of the differences in these two traditions through a editorial by George DeHoff in The Bible Banner in 1939 decrying the liberalism at Harding University.  DeHoff sarcastically talks about the things that he "learned" at Harding, things that he didn't really learn but is condemning.  John Mark does a good job showing through DeHoff's article this Texas vs Tennessee conflict, what he calls "the struggle for the soul of Churches of Christ."  While the more strident and narrow Texas tradition won the day (perhaps when Foy E. Wallace came from Texas to edit the Gospel Advocate in 1930), but the other tradition never died out.  Some of the current conflict in our churches can be understood as the legacy of these two traditions.