Teens for Him

Our teens did a great job last night sharing some of their experiences from the Mid Ohio Valley Work Camp (MOVWC) that they participated in last month.  One of the inconveniences that happens when you have small groups on Sunday nights (rather than a single large group gathering) is that you don't have ready-made opportunities to have special events shared with the church family.  I'm glad we had this chance to get all the teens that participated up front of the church talking with us about this special time of service and sharing with youth groups from all over the eastern part of the country.

Below is the quickly thrown together (but then extremely low quality) video that we showed last night of the specific houses that our teens had a hand in painting.  These were all houses that shared two things in common-- they desperately needed a coat or two of paint and their owners were not financially or physically able to do the work themselves.  If giving a cup of cold water in Jesus name doesn't loose it's reward, how wonderful is it to paint someone's entire house!

 What a great opportunity to serve others in the name of Jesus and meet other teens that were committed to serving in the same way.  Below is a link to local news coverage of this ministry.