Suing the Devil

Last year at Pepperdine, we had pie and coffee one evening with a Hollywood producer and movie actor.  Really.  We were in the cafeteria when two guys asked if they could join us, and they introduced themselves and said. "We just made a movie."  I thought they were kidding, and no one at the table said anything.  So one of the guys said, "No really, we just finished making a movie and we are looking for about $7 million for distribution and advertising.  We heard about this place and thought we'd come."  The movie they had just made was "Suing the Devil" staring veteran actors Malcom McDowell, Corbin Bernsen and Tom Seizemore. The actor we met (sorry, I have forgotten his name) is the last in a series of lawyers who represent the devil (played by McDowell) that are introduced in a segment of the trailer below.

The producers evidently had a little trouble finding the money for distribution and advertising. Many of the people who come to the lectures are either preachers or retirees, so they weren't going to get $7 million in the cafeteria that night! The film has missed several release dates earlier this year and it is currently set for release on August 26. I'm planning on going to see it... IF it ever comes out.