Strange That's It's Strange

I'm not sure what you think of the nomination of Sarah Palin as GOP VP candidate; I'm not completely sure what I think.  If the first characteristic of a good VP candidate is that they be experienced and presidential because of that "one heartbeat away" thing, then I'm not sure she was the best choice.  My initial reaction to her nomination was “Is this Dan Quayle all over again?”  But then that "experienced and presidential" thing would seem to disqualify one of the presidential nominees as well.  And Palin is the only one of the four who has executive branch experience, so there is that.  

What is beginning to irritate me us how some are beginning to question Palin because of her conservative Christian religious beliefs.  Palin has been a member of the Pentecostal church, although for the last six years she and her family have been members of an independent Bible church.  One writer seems concerned that Palin “shows a strong faith in the Bible and in prayer.” He is critical of statements she made at old her church, reminiscing about "getting saved here, getting baptized." And she had the audacity to ask the church to pray that a new proposed natural gas pipeline program ($30 billion bucks worth) was God’s will.  

The fact that people see a government leader asking for prayers before spending $30 billion as a BAD THING is hard to believe.  Are we really at the point in our country that a public official talking about getting saved and getting baptized is seen as proof that they are weird?  Both presidential candidates have gone to great lengths in interviews emphasize their religious beliefs in order to appeal to certain segments of voters.  The fact that Palin seems to taken her religious views seriously seems strange to some.  That it seems strange to them seems strange to me.