Speaking for God

I'm sure by now you have heard Pat Robertson's wonderfully thought out and historically researched statement attributing the devastating earthquake and the suffering it cause to a pact Haiti made with the devil when it gained its independence from France in 1804. Pat doesn't name the people who made the pack, but he does quote the devil, so perhaps his source comes fromthat side of the conversation. Here's the clip--

The question is not, "Can God work through earthquakes?" In Acts 16, he used an earthquake to free Paul and Silas from prison in Philippi. The problem comes when Robertson or anyone else claims to know what God is or isn't doing in this earthquake. I can't believe that in the guise of raising money for earthquake victims, Robertson so glibly assures the people of Haiti is really their fault.

Let's continue to pray for the people of Haiti. Let's continue to give generously. That's speaking for God. Courtney Daniels and her kids spent the last several days baking cookies and then offering them door to door for donations to Haiti relief and raising $300. That's speaking for God. Some Haitians who have nothing left from the earthquake but one potato are cutting it in half to share with neighbors who have nothing at all. That's speaking for God. But making glib pronouncements of how the Haitians have brought this on themselves? That's not speaking for God at all.