Reasons for NOT Not Going to Church

We had a very blessed day at Denbigh yesterday.  We had a larger number of people present, which is good since we are getting into our summer-slump time.  We had former members and down-the-street-neighbors (the Birkenbuel's) back visiting with us, and that was good.  We honored a family that was leaving us (the Higgins); it's sad that they are leaving but good we got to thank them.  Mary Robinson made a presentation of an beautiful quilt to Janice Barker to let Ben and Janice know we are thinking of them.  And we prayed with Brenda and Sammy for them to get through their grand-baby's funeral today (and raised more than enough money to pay the cemetery). The worship was great (we sang all Fanny J. Crosby or Dennis Jernigan songs, an interesting combination that somehow seemed to work). My Bible class was on sex and I got to wear a funny hat in the middle of my sermon.  It really was a great day!

We began the service with this YouTube video entitled "Reasons (Why People Don't Come to Church)."  The video is produced by the Central Christian Church in Las Vegas (hey, if you don't want me borrowing your creativity, then don't post it on YouTube).  I thought it was a pretty good summary of what we are called to be as a church.

After yesterday, I felt very blessed that God has placed me in the church here at Denbigh.  We are far from perfect, but I think we do a pretty good job of meeting people where they are and letting them know that while socks are optional, grace isn't... and that it's OK not to be OK... really.