Rain, Rain... Don't Go Away!

About 12 hours after I finally finished several days worth of mowing (about 5 times), raking (35 bags worth) and then planting (twice for good measure) next year’s lawn, our unnamed almost-but-not-quite tropical storm blew in with a long, soaking rain.  And behold, it is good.  I have never “planned” this so well—I plant, God waters AND gives the increase!  I'm going to have fun mowing the stuff next spring!  Of course, I haven’t inspected the yard very closely yet.  I has rained so much, my grass seed may have all floated away… into Lynn's flower beds!

Even better, about 12 hours later Oregon State blew in like a tornado and rained all over USC’s BCS parade, manhandling the “best team in the country” and showing USC and the national polls for what they are—posers.  Come on, no team is really Number #1 before the season begins or less than a month into the season.  Actually, no team is Number #1 after the season unless there is a playoff to prove it.  (The Giants were supposedly the worst team in the NFL playoffs last year; that's why they play the games).  BCS = Big Contrived Show.

I didn’t stay up for the whole game last night-- that would have been way past my bedtime.  But I did enjoy the first half, listening to the rain falling outside and watching OSU blow USC away!