Our Holy God

I was skimming through an old book by Jim McGuiggen entitled The God of the Towel looking for a quote that I just knew was there. It evidently wasn’t there, but I got wrapped up in reading this wonderful book. I think everyone should be forced to read Jim McGuiggen… if they want to. (A little McGuiggenism there). I didn't find the quote I was looking for (that's OK, I'll make one up), but I did run across the following--
Can you imagine what a horror it would be to have a God who was not holy, who was not opposed to unrighteousness and uncleanness. Now that he has taught us and shown us what goodness is, wouldn’t it be horrific beyond speech to discover he cared nothing for kindness, compassion, uprightness, purity, generosity, and justice? But this is an ethical God who can be depended upon to make righteous judgments.

God can be trusted because he is always consistently against sin. A God who was not holy and not opposed to sin would be a tyrant who randomly imposed his law and power over us.  Earlier in the book, McGuiggen says, “A love that isn't holy can't be trusted, and a love that finds no offense in corruption and cruelty isn't holy.” We can trust the love of God because God can be trusted to be against sin. And if God is against sin, that means that he must be against MY sin.

The last thing that we we would want is a God who just overlooks sin.  If God can just ignore my sin, then he can just ignore your sin against me.  Or ignore the holocaust.  Or ignore all the sin in the universe.  But praise be to God that his perfect love and his perfect holiness meet at the cross where he both judges our sin and offers us mercy and grace. That is the only hope for mankind.