One View From the Pew

Denbigh has for many years now partnered with Denbigh United Christian Outreach (DUCO). This association of churches in the Denbigh area serves as something of a clearinghouse for benevolent work done in the Denbigh and surrounding areas. Maria Cory serves as director of this fine work, and she occasionally visits DUCO’s member churches’ worship services. Maria was here with us Sunday, and she sent the following email to me on Monday morning. This was so encouraging to me that I thought I would share it on my blog. It is always helpful to see yourself through the eyes of other people. It is helpful to hear people who have complaints and criticisms— like the guy who told me once, “I’m from out of town, but I would never come to church here; you’re a lousy preacher.” (Those were his exact words; believe me, I remember!) But it sometimes also helps to hear people who appreciate what you are doing and who are pointed to God by it. Maria is obviously not from our religious tribe, but she is a committed follower of Jesus. Her words warmed my heart; I hope they warm yours--

Where do I begin? My heart is simply exploding with incredible emotion and inspiration after having worshipped with the Denbigh Church of Christ family this morning! While I am not searching for a new church home, it is a pleasure to visit and grow in relationship with our long-time DUCO Covenant Partner.

Today’s experience has been an enormous blessing with so many anointed branches interlacing in one beautiful vine! Glorious music reverberates throughout God’s home at 205 Denbigh Boulevard—and, surprisingly to some, all without instrumental accompaniment. Having had the wonderful opportunity to share in and appreciate a multitude of worship settings and styles, I can honestly say that DCOC’s music ministry is among the most magnificent I have ever heard. What a splendid blend of traditional and contemporary hymns. If I have ever contemplated how the heavenly hosts would sound, it would be the angelic voices that excited my soul today. It truly was “music to my ears.”

Pastorally, the DCOC community is so very fortunate to have the shepherding of Tuck and
Roger (two gentlemen whose voices I still confuse when they answer the phone). The
Christ-passion, energy, skill, wit and humor from the pulpit and through the music leadership are divinely God-given gifts and talents. In our humanness, it is no small feat for pastors to keep one’s congregation alert, attentive and inspired throughout the service and the message. As would be said, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” My eyes did not once blink in fatigue; my mind did not once wander off our purpose this morning. I was so enthralled in the God-moment that I didn’t even notice (until Tuck pointed out) that there were no windows through which light would normally shine in a sanctuary. It did not matter; stained glass was not needed; the Light was clearly present.

In addition to praising the All in All, this morning included reflections of thankfulness for being among brothers and sisters in the faith. It always warms my heart to see Jacob
Peterson, your faithful volunteer who regularly visits DUCO with your gifts to equip our pantry. He is undoubtedly one of the most positive, upbeat people who has graced my life. And Roger…he has faithfully dedicated his time, for so many years, counseling people one-on-one when they come to DUCO for emergency assistance. In addition to his wise counsel, if the ministry’s challenges cause our spirits to lag, rest assured, comedic Roger will reenergize us (at the expense of ribbing Maria). ;-) We, of course, are also grateful for neighbor Lynne Bean who continues to serve as your committed DUCO Liaison.

There were so many other positive points—from the invitational and encouraging prayers lifted up by various members to a great instructional piece in the bulletin guiding guests regarding what to expect during worship.

The Denbigh Church of Christ family is a treasure to the Denbigh community and beyond.
Thank you for our sharing this morning and for your unwavering support of our ministry together through Denbigh United Christian Outreach!