On Wall Street and Martians

Things aren’t looking too good for the ol'  economy right now.  First there was Congress' refusal to pass a $700 billion (that's with a “B”) bailout bill and then Wall Street plummeted in responseto their refusal .  If things keep going this way, I will OWE money to my IRA when it is time to retire!  Most pundits seem to agree that some sort of bailout bill will HAVE to be passed, but then you can see why some in Congress might want a little time to think about it beforwe stroking a check (on our account) for that amount of money.  Who knows where this will end. Surely either Obama or McCain or both will revive the Clinton mantra, “It’s the economy."  Or maybe, “It’s the stupid ecomony!”

Thomas G. Long tells a story that comes from some of the older members at the little country church here he grew up in.  The story was told and retold so many times that parts of it are bound to be apocryphal... but it is a true story nonetheless—
On certain Sunday night in October 1938, the evening prayer services were in full swing when a man named Sam charged into the prayer meeting trembling with fear and excitement. Finally gaining the breath to speak, he shouted, "Martians are attacking the earth in spaceships! Some of ‘em have already landed in New Jersey!" The preacher halted in mid-sentence; the congregation stared at Sam blankly. "I s-s-swear," he stammered, now a little unsure of his footing. "I h-h-heard it on the radio." What Sam had heard, of course, was Orson Welles’s now infamous Mercury Theater radio production of War of the Worlds, but no one in the congregation was aware of that at the moment. For all they knew, the world outside was coming to a flaming end. The little flock looked apprehensively at the preacher, but he was mute and indecisive, never having had a sermon disrupted by interplanetary invasion. Finally one of the oldest members of the congregation, a red-clay farmer of modest education, stood up, gripped the pew in front of him with his large, callused hands, and said, "I ‘speck what Sam says ain’t completely true, but if it is true, we’re in the right place here in church. Let’s go on with the meetin’." And so they did.  
Whatever may come in this life, from stock market crashes to alien invasions, we need to get a tighter grip on our faith and get on with living it.  God is God and all is well.