My Head Hurts

My head hurts. I started reading an online debate posted on Al Maxey’s website between Al and Darrell Broking. The topic of the debate was “Patternism,” the idea that the NT is a specific blueprint or pattern that determines every aspect of Christianity so that every church will look pretty much alike in every detail. OK, by the way I described the topic, you can tell I’m not a subscriber to that idea. The reason I started reading the debate was an email sent to Al and posted in his Reflections (a weekly email post that I read). Al posts all of his emails-- supporters, detractors and all in-between. Most of the emails aren’t quite so vitriolic as this one--
Al, you are lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut and just as venomous. Hypocrite!! Judgment is coming, and the Hell you deny is awfully hot! It is pretty clear that you belong to the postmodernistic Emerging Church Movement, or the "Church of Make-Believe." You all write about "grace," "the cross," and "love," but you actually root none of these concepts or items in New Testament teaching. You've merely co-opted the imagery to fool folks into accepting your leadership on your journey into theological oblivion and subsequently into the abyss. Blind leader of the blind!! Folks like you are Socialists and Marxists in their social views as well, which is where you will eventually wind up - in the political camp with the far left of the Democratic Party. You're all a bunch of half-baked, ultra-ultra-liberal New Age hippie freak-types who have more in common with the philosophies of Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Camus and the Nazi Martin Heidegger. By the way, Al, the Nazi Heidegger, your philosophical godfather, says "Sieg Heil" to you in your bunker! We were close to the truth about you when we were ragging on you about the military.

Well, isn’t that special! Can you believe anyone would respond to someone with whom they disagree in such a juvenile, infantile rant?  Would anyone see this as Christlike behavior? Did Jesus say, "They will know you are my disciples by the vehemence and ugliness with which you nail heretics?  No, Jesus said something about love, a topic the author of th email evidently doesn't much appreciate.

Sadly, the author of this paragraph isn’t a ten year-old in need of some serious woodshed time but rather a preacher in our area.  Evidently there aren't enough heretics nearby to root out (he disfellowshipped us several years ago), so he had to go after Al Maxey some 2000 miles away in Alamogordo, New Mexico.  So many heretics, so little time!

What’s the point of bringing this up on my blog? Well, I spent so much time reading through the debate that I might as well get a blog for my trouble… and not just a headache.