Living Faith

Fred Winters was the Baptist preacher who was gunned down two weeks ago during the Sunday morning service at First Baptist Church in Maryville, Illinois. Terry Sedlacek, a 27 year man that the church did not know, walked into services and shot the preacher. He fired 4 times before the gun jammed and two members wrestled him to the ground.

Yesterday, Fred's widow Cindy Winters was interviewed on the CBS Morning Show. Her words were about faith, forgiveness and the love of Jesus. Rather than anger for the man that killed her husband and took her girl's father away, she expresses concern for Sedlacek's parents and that Sedlacek himself would come to know Jesus.

What a powerful witness to living faith in a living God. May God bless this good Christian lady and her girls as they heal from this horrific tragedy and loss. And May God continue to use her witness to bring healing to others.