If You Can Read This... It Doesn't Apply to You

I just read an interesting blog post by Greg Boyd at his Christus Victor site entitled "Baby Universalism and Reasonable Infanticide."  I have filed this in my "Things I Have Never Really Thought About and Am Now Confused About" file... which is a huge file indeed.  His basic question is that if our free will choice to accept God's love and grace is so important (or else why didn't God create us incapable of not loving and obeying Him), then why do we assume that those who die before they can make that choice (i.e. infants) go straight to God without ever having to choose Him?  Boyd suggests that while this view is assumed by most people today, it has not been the common view held throughout much of church history.  He furthers asks if all babies go to heaven, then why not just kill them before they have a chance to reject God and go to hell?  (Some have evidently argued that point at some point in the past; we call such people "nuts").  Read his blog and tell me what you think.  Boyd wonders if infants or children who die before they can choose God in this life are not given some chance to choose in the next life.  The Bible is silent here, and that may be our best response as well.

But the point for you is (as my title here suggests), if you can read this, then you can make your choice and are held responsible for it.