Identity Crisis

I got a call yesterday at lunch from one of our local funeral homes.  Lynn (home for a rare lunch together) took the call, handed me the phone, and then went back to work.  I only found out that night when we compared notes that the funeral home director (who has the same name as my grandmother) had begun the conversation, "Is your husband aware that one of his parishioners died today?"  Yikes! 

What she said when I took the phone was that a man who was not part of my church had been by last week to speak with me about his wife's impending death and funeral arrangements.  Well, I was fairly certain that I hadn't spoken to anyone like that (but with my memory, I wasn't totally sure).  What I thought was that Roger had talked with him and made arrangements to do the funeral.  Roger is always looking for ways to be able to preach more, so just I thought he had made the arrangements.  But that turned out not to be the case, so the whole thing remained a mystery.  I had told the funeral home I would be happy to help in anyway I could.

Later, she emailed me the obituary that would run in the newspaper the next day. and sure enough it listed "The Rev. Charles Tucker" as officiating at the funeral service Friday.  It finally dawned on me what was happening.  The obit said that the deceased was a member of Faith Presbyterian Church on Harpersville Road in Newport News.  So what didn't they ask her own preacher to do the funeral?  They had.  His name is Rev. Charles Tucker.  Someone had seen his name on their sign not long ago and had accused me of moonlighting as a Presbyterian.  I don't know how they funeral home got my home number, but they thought they had been talking to the other Charles Tucker the whole time.  I guess they wondered why I appeared to not know what was going on (Of course, I get that a lot!)  At any rate, I don't have a funeral this Friday.  More importantly, it is not the case that one of my church members died yesterday.