Hope for the Future?

We've been reading the New Testament together as a church this year. My sermons have come from our readings, and starting in a couple of weeks, our small group lesson will also follow our daily Bible reading schedule. The readings are posted on our website, complete with a link to the reading itself on biblegateway.com. I didn't realize until yesterday that you can click on the speaker icon in the top left corner and LISTEN to the text read (by a talent reader with a British accent, because people with British accents just sound smarter). So it it helps to listen to the text read to you, then there you go. As a bonus, if you select the gender-neutral TNIV (Today's New International Version), you get a bonus-- the reader is female... though she doesn't have a cool British accent.

Mike Cope had a version of this video on his blog earlier this week. I found this one with people that I like better. If you are into hope for the future (rather than the belief that we're heading to hell in a hand-basket), you might find this video encouraging. If you aren't into hope, then you aren't into encouraging anyway, so just skip the whole thing.