Cookies and Kool-Aid

I am writing this on the computer in the auditorium after sneaking away for a few minutes during a break in our first night of VBS. I remember going to VBS as a kid; it was the only time we got cookies and Kool-Aid at church. They told us that we were to be a "Booster" (not grouchy like a rooster) and invite all our friends to VBS so that we would all get cookies and Kool-Aid. Cookies and Kool-Aid at VBS was a pretty big deal.

Now VBS is a multimedia Bible adventure with a science lab, craft station, and outside game activities that all support a Bible lesson that is presented on a special set by Bible teachers in full costume. The refreshments are built into the Bible lesson to reinforce the story (tonight they had pop-rocks in a orange soda with mint that foamed up to remind them of the burning bush story). Actually, the burning bush was a great first lesson because the whole church building smelled like burning Styrofoam from last minute additions to the set. Yep, this is a long way from cookies and Kool-Aid and flannel-graph lessons.

But then, it's the same old story. God spoke from the burning bush; God speaks to us today through his word. The packaging is different; the refreshments are different. The truth is the same. So is the excitement on faces of the kids.