Columbus Day

One of the things we did during our first trip to Ukraine was to visit classes at Kiev State University and talk with the students. This was back in 1993, and most Ukrainians had never seen an American before. So the students got the chance to try out their English on Americans and ask questions about life in America. And we got the chance to do a little preaching. One of the first things they said was “So today is Columbus Day in your country; tell us about that.” Not one of us knew it was Columbus Day; we needed the Ukrainians to tell us.

I needed them yesterday. I came to work and was confused why Cathy wasn’t already here. I even went so far as to pull up the email she sent a couple of weeks ago telling me when her vacation was coming up… and it wasn’t yesterday. It was almost lunch time before it dawned on me that yesterday was Columbus Day, and Cathy is off for all federal holidays. Technically, my contract says that I am supposed to be off for federal holidays, but that does require that I remember when they are!

I did something yesterday that I used to do routinely in my youth but thought I’d never do again. I played over two hours of tennis. Singles. Three sets. And won. Now I might concede that this wasn’t at quite the same level that I played back in my Freed-Hardeman days, though I’m sure Doc Woods would probably add that I didn’t really play at that high a level back then anyway! And it sure did take me awhile to roll out of bed this morning… not to wake up, but just to roll out of bed. I thought I was going to have to take the holiday today that I forgot to take yesterday!