Today is the first day of school. Yes, I know that children in other states have been back for awhile already, but Virginia gets one more week of tourist season in by decreeing that schools can’t start until after Labor Day. Students reported for class today for the first time. That means that teachers reported for class for the first time at the regular time— 7:05 for Denbigh High (Lynn generally leaves around 6:30 a.m.). So that means the alarm went off a little earlier this morning than it has been for awhile. Actually, it means the alarm went off this morning… and we got to wake Bella up for a change!

Sunday’s service was our church's blessing over our school children and teachers. We seem to have an extra large number of kids starting new schools, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a service where we prayed over them. I also decided to use several of the soon-to-be-school kids by letting them read the text during the sermon. I was surprised how easily most of them agreed to participate. Then I realized Sunday morning that I hadn’t been completely clear on what I was asking. Some of them didn’t understand that they would be getting up onstage in front of the whole church to read! I got several deer-in-the-headlights looks when realization finally dawned, but they all went up there and did a great job. Nobody remembers anything I said Sunday in the sermon, but everyone remembers Kate, Wyatt, Jay, Alex, Olivia and T.J. doing reading. They all did a great job! Thanks guys!

They other thing that surprised me Sunday was when I did my commercial for our FriendSpeak seminar and then asked if anyone had questions-- we had a lot of people speak up and ask questions. Maybe we ought to have more crowd interaction on Sunday mornings. OK, maybe not. But I do hope all our people are as excited by FriendSpeak as they seem to be. Everyone be there Saturday, September 19 for the seminar!