At the Crocodile Dock

The level of excitement and exhaustion just went up a megaton around here-- VBS began last night with a roar. The building was full to the brim with K-5 graders running and hooping and learning. We also have an unofficial toddler class made up of children in our church, many of whose parents are working in the VBS. We can't advertise that class because we already have just about more than we can handle. In fact, we just about had as many kids as we could handle. As Kati was making the “everyone bring your friends tomorrow” speech, there were folks in the back wondering where would put their friends! I’m not sure what the fire marshal would say the limit is for elementary school kids in our building, but we seemed to be pushing the saturation point last night.

I did learn something about communication last night. The question, “Will you do the VBS opening” can have two meanings. It can mean, “Will you do the WHOLE opening, worship, Bible story setup, opening skit and memory verse?” It can also mean, “Will you do the opening dramatic skit.” When the VBS director and the VBS volunteer interpret that question differently, the result is blank stares by everyone. My nomination for sport of the week is Kati Rutherford who jumped in with 3 minutes notice and stood in the gap between a bunch of screaming kids and pandemonium. Great job, Kati!

I remember VBS when I was a kid as being cookies and Kool-Aid, some Popsicle sticks glued together, and some pretty long Bible lessons with a few more flannel-graph visual aids than normal. (If you don’t know what flannel-graph is, it was kinda like PowerPoint made out of an early form of Velcro). In fact, that was pretty much what VBS was for many years after I came to Denbigh. Well, this isn’t your father’s VBS. All kinds of movement and song and dance (literally) that all point to and revolve around a Bible story and application. The kids really seem to enjoy it, and the adult workers I spoke to last night really enjoyed it too. (I was a bit selective and to who I talked to and when).

Watching these little munchkins so excited about being here and singing and learning about God, it’s really worth all the trouble… that other people go to!