It suddenly dawned on me this morning that I hadn't done anything at all with the ol' blog in a week or so.  Today is Valentine's Day, so it makes sense that I would write something about the lady fair that has been the love of my life for most of my life.  Also, I'm still kinda pumped after spending Friday night with Lynn and the girls at the Casting Crowns concert in Virginia Beach, so it makes sense that I might write something about that.  So... I decided to combine both of those and share my new favorite Casting Crown's song "Angel" from their new album "Come to the Well." (As far as I remember, it's the only song from the new album that they didn't do in the concert!  Grrrr...)  I could have written this song.  OK, I could NOT have actually written the song (because I have no talent), but the song's sentiment and story are mine.

Not too long ago, I shared in a blog my conviction that the several and various coincidences that brought Lynn and I together were not simply coincidences at all.  And the fact that we have stayed together all of these years is no coincidence either; it has to do with a lot of patience, pardon, perseverance, prayer... and passion (it's Valentine's Day, after all).  But as crazy as it does sound, somehow this angel did fall in love with me and is somehow still in love with me.

Maybe I'm crazy but I'm praying
That an angel will love me, an angel will love me
Maybe I'm a fool but I'm still falling
Asking heaven above me, for an angel to love me
The rest of my life

Happy Valentines Day, Angel.