And to All a Good Night

My blog entry this morning will be a real yawner (so what's new).  A yawner because I stayed up way too late last night watching the BCS Championship game.  After all the hype and debate of who should be there in the first place, Florida and Oklahoma put on a pretty good show as Florida won 24-14 in a much lower scoring game than expected.  I guess all the debate is over now as Florida was crowned the national champion.  After all, they beat the #1 ranked team two games in a row (Alabama and Oklahoma).  They beat the pre-season #1 ranked team (Georgia).  And they beat the defending national champ (LSU).  So all questions are answered.  Except what would Florida do against an undefeated Utah team that trounced Alabama? Or how would Florida fare against Texas, who looked better against Othan did Florida.  Or what would happen if Florida faced USC which looked for all the world like the best team in the land after the Rose Bowl.  In other words, the BCS championship game really answered nothing... except "What would happen if Oklahoma played Florida?"  But it was a good game, and I'm glad I watched it.  I just wish it would have started 3 hours or so earlier so I could have gone to bed on time.