A Special Day

OK, so I should have written this reflection yesterday. But Lynn was off yesterday and we spent the day together. It may be OK for me to take my time to blog, but its not OK to take her time!

What a day we had Sunday! We had more people here for worship than we had places to put them-- we literally put out every chair we had and still didn’t have enough room for all. The singing was outstanding even though we did several less-than-familiar songs. We were so full that we had to move people off the front row to make space for T.J. and Kellie when they came forward to be baptized. Of course, seeing them confess their faith and have their Daddy baptize them put an exclamation point on our day of worship. Well, that and me forgetting to turn my mike off and then singing “Rabboni” along with the praise team!

We had a lot of people stay for the egg hunt and the pot luck. I have never seen so much food… nor tried so diligently to make large portions disappear. All in all, this was a great day. It was a long day, but a great day.

A quick check through my old sermons (something I can only rarely bring myself to do) revealed that about half of my sermons on the resurrection were preached on or near Easter Sunday. It hasn’t been all that long that have been comfortable enough with "Special Days" to make a big deal on Easter, but we’ve always been open to sermons on the resurrection. When I was in school, one of my professors suggested preaching on the birth of Jesus on Easter and His resurrection on Christmas. That always smacked of being a bit of a wise guy to me… that’s why I liked it! I am glad that we aren’t as paranoid of special days and “traditions” as we used to be. A special focus service on the resurrection can be helpful, and Easter just seems to be the best time to do that. Yesterday was a good example.