A Really Good Day

Yesterday was a really good day. Paul Renganathan, a missionary we help to support in Chennai, India was with us. Paul is doing a marvelous work spreading the gospel and building up God’s people there. He shared some of the work that is being done in Chennai and across India in our Bible class time, and then he preached for us during the worship hour. I have uploaded to YouTube a short version of the video he shared with us.

I had to cut the video down to fit YouTube's limitations, so there is actually even more going on in Chennai. Keep this truly amazing work in your prayers. Paul generally is here while Lynn and I are gone to Pepperdine, so it was a treat to hear his presentation this year. It was also a treat to join Paul and several of our members for a buffet lunch at an Indian restaurant Saturday. Thanks Cathy and Steve for a great lunch!

We were on vacation last week and Paul preached for us this week… so this was the third time in 30 years that I’ve gone two weeks in a row without preaching. That was traumatic for me. OK, it was probably quite pleasant for everyone else, but I had a hard time. I guess I feel better when I keep this illusion going that Denbigh can’t get along without me, but they always seem to get along just fine.