A Key Tradition Is Changed

The picture at right was taken at camp year before last. We had just completed our all-camp relay race that ended with the battle of the canoes at the lake. We had just cheered on the winners and then everyone raced back to the dining hall for supper… and left little Micheala at the lake. Fortunately, the ever-vigilant camp director was on the ball and stayed behind to walk with her back to the dining hall. Actually, I was limping back to the dining hall and she was taking it show to keep me company. Anyway, we were best buds… until she found someone more fun to play with.

Let me share with you what my little buddy did yesterday. I always leave my keys hanging in my office door during church. For years, that has been my tradition-- I don’t want keys rattling around in my pocket while I preach. And if I leave them in my office, someone will invariably lock the office before I'm ready and my keys are locked inside. So every Sunday morning, I get to the building way early and just leave my keys in my office door. It has never been a problem… until yesterday.

Yesterday, Mickey decided to remove my keys from the door and play with them. Her Mom saw her playing with the keys and naturally assumed they were her keys and told Mickey to put the keys back in her purse. Being the obedient child she is, Micheala put the keys (my keys) in Becky’s purse and they all went home. Of course, I couldn’t go home because I had no keys! I knew my keys were NOWHERE in the building because I looked everywhere for them (including inside the refrigerator). They were gone. Fortunately, Roger was still around and gave me a ride home. Later Becky called the house and asked, “Are you by any chance missing some keys?”

So what is the point of all this? Next time, leave the kid at the lake? No, no, no, that’s not it! I guess the point is “Don’t leave your keys in the door.” I know that is the lesson, because when I called home to tell Lynn that I was stranded at the building, she said, “I told you not to leave the keys in your door.” And she had. But then, she knew I have a problem with keys; I left the hotel key in the hotel door on our wedding night!

Traditions are so hard to change. Particularly traditions that have to do with the way you do things at church. But I have to change my tradition. Sometimes you have to change church traditions because of the children. Thanks Mickey, for reminding me of that!