A Child Shall Lead Them

Two weeks ago, Bob made a plea on behalf of Camp Idlewild. Somehow, Bob and I were talked into joining the board of directors for the camp (how did that happen?). One of benefits of this august position is inside knowledge of the financial condition of the camp. Put it this way-- if we were talking medical condition, someone would be reaching for the paddles and epinephrine! Somehow the camp spend several thousand more than it took in this year... and there are unpaid bills that are expecting our immediate attention. We had just had a board meeting the day before, and this was on Bob's mind-- so he shared it with the church. Several people tok the need to heart and made contributions to the camp that day.

Last Sunday, Chris Moore told me that his daughter Ashlyn had been so moved by the camp's need that she had wanted to give her savings to camp (her brother C.J. wanted to do the same thing). Ashlyn and C.J. went to camp for the first time this summer (Ashlyn during the half-week and C.J. with us during Middle School week). They loved it and wanted camp to be there next year-- and they were willing to put their treasure where their heart was (didn't Jesus say something about that?) So during the announcements, Ashlyn, C.J and their mother Kristin came forward and presented me with a check. And Ashlyn wanted to say a few words, so I gave her the mic. Little Ashlyn made this impashioned plea for people to "help the camp so that the camp can help the children." Oh, my! It was cute and convincing. Then after church, Ashlyn planted herself with a bucket by the door with a sign saying, "Help Camp Idlewild." She did the same thing yesterday. Over the last two weeks, Ashlyn helped raise over $2500 for the camp! WOW!

Ashlyn is too young to know (or care) that "we have never done it that way before," allowing children to raise funds in church for a good cause in church. No, she was convicted there was a need, and she had a voice. God can do powerful things through us when we combine our conviction with our voice.