Whose Side Are You On?

There’s an old story about an old woman who was at church every time the doors were open.  She was almost totally deaf, and her eyesight was so bad that she probably would have been legally blind if anyone would have taken time to measure it.  She was so crippled up with arthritis that getting ready for church was its own form of torture.  And she lived alone and had to depend on people to come by and get her, and some rides were more dependable than were others.  Someone asked her one Sunday, “You can’t really get much out of the service because of your hearing and eyesight, and I know it is such a bother for you to get here.  Why do you insist on coming to church every week?”  Her answer was, “I just want people to know whose side I’m on.” 

Her only way of serving God and his people was to make sure she was there every week.  If people knew how important God and people were to her, maybe they would be encouraged to make both that important to them.  Her presence was her witness.  You might be surprised what a powerful witness and encouragement your presence can be. 

As I write this on Monday morning, there are a couple of people in the auditorium working on art decorations for our vacation Bible school starting Sunday.  There was much larger group here working last night (I know because there was a cross mounted on the stage that wasn’t here earlier). There have been many people working to prepare for this service to our children.  (Don’t be surprised if you get texts this week asking for your help with the last-minute details). 

One great way you can help is to be here next Sunday-Wednesday nights (June 16-19) from 6:00-8:00 p.m.If you have kids and grand-kids, then by all means PLEASE have them here each night.Even if you don’t, just show up and encourage those who are.There may be some things you can help with (like helping shepherd groups of children around to the different activities).There will be an adult class covering the same themes as the kids (We Believe: The Trail, Death and Resurrection of Jesus).But even if you just show up and wander around watching, your presence will be a witness.It will show whose side you are on.