A Super Sunday


Our “Super Sunday Seminar and Workshop” is in the books.  Last Sunday, we took Bible class and some worship time to try something different.  This was not an experimental way to use our Sunday time together. This was a way to get us to think of ministry in more multi-generational, inter-generational ways.  Ministry is often divided by age groups and this was a way to look at serving that included our children and adults together.

Thereasa “Suzy” Winnett was here from Atlanta to walk us through some of these ideas together.  On Friday night, she shared some of the theory and data that supports this way of ministry. On Sunday, we used our mission work in Ukraine as a hands-on test case.  We had 8 different craft areas preparing teaching materials for families with special needs; they have been shipped and are on their way to Ukraine. There was a teaching center where Cindy Byrd shared with us some of the culture of Ukraine.  Keri Brown shared some of the difficulties facing people with special needs. Lynn Tucker got us to look for ways to use our gifts for God. Bob and Lynne Bean and Joe and Francine Tatum worked and played with the little munchkins so the rest of us could work on these centers.

Sometimes we think of going to church as what we do for God.  In reality, our time together each week is meant to “encourage one another to love and good deeds” (Heb 10:25).  Church is not what we do for God; church is what He does for us to get us ready to do things for Him. That is what last Sunday was about, to get us all thinking about ministry and service.

A very special thanks goes to Suzy Winnett for leading this effort.  Suzy gives these presentations at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures, Lipscomb Lectures and other big events.  She’s getting ready to spend a month in Ukraine. We greatly appreciate her fitting us into her busy schedule.  We’re looking forward to where we go from here.